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Making Equality Work
12 Jan 2011
Training pack for Equality and Diversity professionals

On 8 April 2010 the single Equality Bill received Royal Assent and became the Equality Act 2010. All Equality and Diversity professionals in both the public and private sectors will need to widen their knowledge and skills in order to understand and introduce the changes that this Act brings, not only by updating existing equality legislation but also by extending the law to include age, sexual orientation and religion and belief.

This training package provides presentations on this subject from three leading speakers as well as back up documents and research to brief yourself and your wider organisation on this crucial Act.

This training resource has been designed specifically for you to be able to host your own briefing seminar with management, staff or policy makers on the Equality Act.

 • Designed for you to use in your own half day training seminar

• Leading presentations to stimulate discussion

• Authoritative and authentic content from people leading change.

• Links to the leading websites and information centres

• Key government policy documents Bullet Point

Presentation 1 - Looking ahead! The Equality Act, integrated public sector Equality Duty, and new Government's approach Speaker: Jonathan Rees, Director-General, Government Equalities Office (GEO) – now part of the Home Office
Summary: Jonathan gives an overview of the role of the Government Equalities Office and how the Office supports Equality and Diversity professionals. He puts the Equality Act in context with the help of a statistical analysis and demographic changes. This presentation describes how Government is committed to the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 in the next few years.

Presentation 2- Strengthening your organisation’s performance and outcomes Speaker: Amanda Ariss, CEO, Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF)
Summary: Amanda gives a comprehensive overview of how the Equality and Diversity

Presentation 3 - The role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - complying with the Act, Codes and Guidance Speaker: Peter Reading, Director of Legal Policy , Equality and Human Rights Commission
Summary: Peter gives an insight into the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in producing codes and guidance. How the codes of practice have legal effects in courts and tribunals. And how the EHRC can give support in complying with the Act, Codes and Guidance.