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Financial costs of riots set to top 200m
The disorder which has swept the country since the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham last Thursday has shocked and sickened the population in equal measure.
Start Quote The financial cost of the riots has doubled from initial estimates to over 200 million End Quote

The cost of the riots has doubled from initial estimates to over £200 million based on analysis by the Association of British Insurers. Beyond the financial cost there are many families, individuals and small businesses whose lives have been ruined by the disorder.

Below there's a list of links to organisations giving advice to those affected as well as campaigns to help them. The list is not comprehensive and we will include any other links to similar causes, just email them to paul.rushworth@policyreview.tv

General advice for those affected by the riots 

- General information from Directgov regarding the Riots
- Insurance Advice for Victims from MoneySavingExpert

Advice for those with information about riots

If you have any information about people involved you can submit it to the charity Crimestoppers anonymously

Several Police forces have published images of people wanted for looting and rioting. Visit your local website on the links below.

- Metropolitan Police
- Avon and Somerset Constabulary
- Greater Manchester Police
- Merseyside Police
- Nottinghamshire Police
- West Midlands Police

 How you can help

- General advice on helping victims of the riots from the Londonist

- The Tikun Charity fund collecting clothes and bedding for the dispossessed

Fund for Aaron Biber - 89 year old Barber whose shop in Tottenham was looted 

- Fund for Ashraf Haziq - the Malaysian student mugged whilst injured

- Rebuild Reeves - a campaign to help rebuild - the Croydon Furniture Shop destroyed by fire

- The Party Superstore gutted by fire in Clapham run their own charity to help street children in Southeast Asia

- You can still order fancy dress supplies from their Sutton store or online here

- The Retail Trust are offering support for retailers who have been victims of the riots follow #highstheros on twitter

- PIAS and AIM fund to assist independent record labels affected by the fire at the SONY DADC’s Enfield facility


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