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'Student route has a part to play' in reducing net migration
The Head of Immigration, UKBA, said that the Home Office will be listening to stakeholder views before implementing policy on student immigration.
Start Quote I hope I work in a Home Office and in an agency that doesnt always believe it knows best End Quote
Jeremy Oppenheim

Jeremy Oppenheim, speaking at the Student Immigration: Can the UK Retain its International Position? conference yesterday, said many parts of the debate between universities; higher education and further education; representatives of the English language sector and students, have shaped the way government policy has been enacted.

“I hope I work in a Home Office and in an agency that doesn’t always believe it knows best,” he said.

He spoke about the changes that had been – and were being – implemented, and said the government is particularly committed to ‘reducing net migration to sustainable levels over the course of a parliament’ and that ‘the student route has to play a part in achieving that aim.’

It is also committed to ‘reducing immigration abuse’, he said.

But, he added, it was important that we still welcome ‘the very best and the brightest students’.

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