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Speaker Biography

Dr Wafik Moustafa

Dr Wafik Moustafa
Dr. Wafik Moustafa, Chairman, Conservative Arab Network.

Dr. Wafik Moustafa is the founder and Chairman of CAN. Dr. Moustafa has been an active member of the Conservative Party for 22 years including extensive campaigning and fundraising for the Party. He has held a variety of community and professional positions, including the following: Member of the Parole Board; Board Member of a school governing body; President of BAMA (British Arab Medical Association); Chairman of The Egyptian Community Association UK, a registered charity; Board member of Arab Jewish Forum; and, Patron of Iraqi Children Leukemia Foundation. Dr. Moustafa has been an active, balanced, and visible contributor to hundreds of television and radio broadcast social and political debates in the United Kingdom and across the Middle East. Wafik Moustafa wholeheartedly believes in and consistently promotes the principle of secular politics.

He also has a great passion for traditional British and Conservative Party values and, in keeping with this vision, CAN continually seeks to build bridges of culture and trade between Arab states and the UK. Dr. Moustafa is a GP in West London.


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