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Our most watched video presentations from 2011

Rank Video Event
1 Cathy Warwick The Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference 2011
2 Nicola Dandridge, Higher Education Futures Forum
3 Sarah Cowley Unite/CPHVA Conference - Critical Ages, Creative Solutions
4 Prof Malcolm Grant CBE Going Global 2011
5 Sarah Abdel Rahman, 18 Days that Changed Egypt
6 Award winner reaction Conference Awards 2011
7 Neil Stanworth, Initiating Mutuals & Social Enterprises
8 John Drew - pre-conference interview Youth Justice Convention 2011
9 Simon Wayne, Founder, S2M Ltd New MONEY for COUNCILS
10 Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Going Global 2011
11 Virtual conference University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations
12 Andrew Stunell OBE MP, Delivering Services for Gypsies and Travellers
13 Award ceremony Conference Awards 2011
14 David Smith, Shaping the Future of PFM
15 David Walker, Shaping the Future of PFM
16 CASE event: What is British philanthropy? What is British philanthropy?
17 Interactive Debate Institute for Learning
18 Prof John Hudzik Going Global 2011
19 Economic competence: Progress Annual Conference 2011
20 Prof. Christopher Snowden, Graduate Employability
21 Mark Sesnan, Initiating Mutuals & Social Enterprises
22 Prof Sir Alan Craft, Services for Bereaved Children
23 Prof Christine King CBE, Higher Education in FE
24 Naomi Eisenstadt Sure Start 2011
25 Anne Milton MP, Reshaping the Nursing Workforce
26 Nick Hardwick CBE, Offenders’ Learning, Skills and Employability
27 David Fitzgerald, Inspection and Regulation in Early Years
28 Trevor Luker, The Future of Apprenticeships
29 Keynote opening panel Conference for Conference Professionals
30 Norman Baker MP, School Transport
31 Stephen Sheedy, FE Teaching and Learning
32 Edward Gamble - virtual events and video content Conference for Conference Professionals
33 Ed Vaizey MP, The Future of Library Services in the Big Society
34 Javed Khan, Restorative Approaches
35 David Cameron, Prime Minster  LG Group Annual Conference 2011: Localism Works
36 Mike More, Community Based Budgeting
37 Martin Davidson CMG, Going Global 2011
38 Peter Holland CBE, LG Group fire conference and exhibition 2011: the future of fire
39 Glen Smith, The Development of the Moral Compass
40 Ed Miliband MP, Progress Annual Conference 2011
41 Catherine Staite, New MONEY for COUNCILS
42 Nick Clegg LG Group Annual Conference 2011: Localism Works
43 Steve Robinson, Localism promoting collaboration: Redefining LSPs from the ground up
44 Professor Sir Drummond Bone, International Partnerships in Higher Education
45 ‘Question-Time’ Chair: 18 Days that Changed Egypt
46 Panel discussion: Addressing Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour
47 Anne-Marie Martin, Improving International Student Experience
48 Mark Dawe, The Future of Further Education Forum 2011
49 Pat Killingley, UK Students Abroad
50 Panel discussion What kind of education enables us to cope with an interconnected world?
51 Professor Mary Stuart, Meeting Student Expectations
52 The Big Society: Progress Annual Conference 2011
53 Tackling housing tenancy fraud Capita Web Seminar
54 Peter Cobrin, Information, Advice and Guidance for Young People
55 Tim Dawkins NCFE Broadcast Seminar and Product Launch
56 Professor Julian Le Grand, Spinning Out in Health and Social Care
57 Peter Duxbury, Child Protection
58 World education: the new powerhouse? Going Global 2011
59 SHEN Yang Going Global 2011
60 Professor Mary Malcolm, Student Retention and Progression in Higher Education
61 Introduction to The Community Organisers programme Implications of the riots for community organising
62 Professor Craig Mahoney, Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
63 Lorraine Petersen OBE, Young people with special educational needs and disabilities
64 Shigeharu Kato Going Global 2011
65 Steve Partridge Housing Finance Reform: Seizing the Moment
66 Dr Javaid Laghari Going Global 2011
67 Single Person Discount Reviews Capita Web Seminar
68 Dr Wafik Moustafa, 18 Days that Changed Egypt
69 National skills perspectives, ‘working with sectors’ Work Global, Act Sectoral, INSSO Conference and Global Skills Debate
70 Nada Frangieh, The Development of the Moral Compass
71 Phil Baty Going Global 2011
72 Kerry Stevens, Care Solutions
73 Hasan Bakhshi, Supporting Creative Industries
74 Prof. Lily Kong Going Global 2011
75 Sir Donald Tsang Yam-Kuen, Going Global 2011
76 Otaviano Canuto, Shaping the Future of PFM
77 Prof Eric Thomas, What is British philanthropy?
78 Benefit resilience in the run up to universal credit Capita Web Seminar
79 Turning the tables on international student mobility: Going Global 2011
80 Philip Cox, Local Enterprise Partnerships
81 Professor Colin Riordan Going Global 2011
82 Comment - led by David Brindle The Guardian Care Solutions
83 Dave Hill, Social Work Reform
84 John Molony Going Global 2011
85 Roundtable discussion The MJ and Pitney Bowes Business Insight Roundtable
86 Questions and discussion: FE Mergers and Partnerships
87 Dr Carlos Alexandre Netto Going Global 2011
88 Norman Lamb MP, Care Solutions
89 New approaches to internationalisation Going Global 2011
90 Exhibitor Comments National Children and Adult Services Conference 2011
91 Michelle Harrison, Care Solutions
92 Questions and discussion: Community Based Budgeting
93 New approaches to internationalisation Going Global 2011
94 Dr Alan Drimmer Going Global 2011
95 Alan Edwards, Social Enterprise, Mutuals and Spinning Out: A Guide in Finance
96 Audience reaction Smartest Energy Annual Conference 2011
97 Jonathan Booth, Restorative Approaches
98 John Drew & Frances Done Youth Justice Convention 2011
99 Dr Kevin Downing Going Global 2011
100 Harvesting technology to address the global educational challenges Going Global 2011