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The Business Convention
28 Apr 2008
From local creativity to global competitiveness. Held at The BT Convention Centre, Liverpool

The British Chambers of Commerce Annual Convention brings together business, government and skills leaders. This event was an opportunity for senior business professionals to challenge the policy makers and gain practical support and ideas that they can then apply to their own organisations. At the top of the agenda was tackling the issues faced by business in fostering innovation and creativity and how to maximize their positive effects to improve competitiveness. Hear exclusively on policyreview.tv George Osborne's proposals when asked how a Conservative government would avoid a return to the "British disease" of repeated strike action. Citing recent disputes involving teachers and Job Centre staff, he said the solution would be to bring in other providers paid for by the tax payer. "If state run Job Centres can't provide welfare to work services, let's get private companies that can..." he said. When asked why there are still five million people of working age living on welfare benefits, James Purnell said that the Labour government planned to abolish incapacity benefit and provide more incentives for people to work. The goal to get one million people off incapacity benefit, if successful, would, he said, be an "extraordinary achievement."

Conference programme
Featuring interviews with James Purnell and George Osbourne

Phil Redmond
Welcome to Liverpool

David Frost
Welcome and introduction from BCC

Rt Hon James Purnell MP
Keynote address

George Osborne MP
Keynote address

Sir Terry Leahy
Local creativity to global competitiveness