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Technical services


Large multi-camera, live vision mixed conference broadcasts with outputs to mainstream broadcasters, multiple web feeds, encoders for post event usage as well as the main auditorium screen and monitors around a conference venue.


  • Short films about topical issues and promotional stings with animated graphics
  • Fast turnaround interviews and vox pops
  • Encoding video for multiuse eg web, handsets, TV, DVD and BluRay
  • Satellite links including sound and vision feeds and IP connections
  • Video conferencing using Polycom HD equipment
  • Podcast production including ID3 tags, artwork and iTunes RSS integration 
    (our teams New York and Sydney, Australia)
  • Streaming archive video from our content delivery network
  • Streaming live video from our content delivery network with no limit on concurrent connections
  • Interactive live webcasts from our own studio with telephone conference call technology supplied by BT
  • Micro-site website production and media content hosting via our content delivery network Limelight
  • Website design and management
  • Sponsorship and sales team support
  • Marketing – online and offline to drive traffic to media content
  • Social media marketing including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter