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14-19 Reform - a Global Perspective
07 May 2008
Education policy around the world: innovations in 14-19 reform held at Lancaster House, London
Hosted by Cambridge Assessment and attended by international educationalists, this seminar addressed the challenges in reforming 14 -19 education across the globe. All around the world countries are reforming what they offer to their young people as they come into the last few years of their school education. In the UK this is often referred to as ’14 - 19 Reform’, but the same processes are taking place under different names across the globe. Speakers included: Minister of State for Science and Innovation Ian Pearson MP, Mr Carol Keller from The University of the West Indies; Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad, Assistant Professor at Aga Khan University, Pakistan; Dr Yusuf Sayed, Senior Policy Analyst, EFA Global Monitoring Report Team; Professor S Gopinathan from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, Singapore; and Tom Leney from the European Centre for Development of Vocational Training, QCA. Click here for more details about Cambridge Assessment
Mike Baker
Event summary interview

Ian Pearson MP
Welcome and introduction

Professor S Gopinathan
A snapshot of issues and trends in 14 -19 yrs education: a (selective) Asian perspective

Carol Keller
The case of Trinidad &Tobago

Tom Leney
14 to 19 education in Europe

Questions and discussion
Session 1

Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad
An analysis of 14-19 learning reform in a Pakistani context

Dr Yusuf Sayed
Good quality post basic education in Africa: challenges and prospects

Questions and discussion
Session 2

Audience reaction