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CBI/AXA Absence Management Conference
14 May 2008
Cutting Absence, Improving Health, Raising Productivity. Held at Inmarsat Conference Centre, London

The cost of staff absence to the UK economy rose to £13.4 billion in 2006, with over 40% of overall time lost attributable to longer periods of absence of 20 days or more. Significant differences in employee absence between organisations demonstrate how important the management of workplace absence is for an organisation’s productivity and how it ultimately hits the bottom line. Increasingly, organisations must look at new formats of working and offer staff opportunities for work/life balance and for healthier lifestyles. With the most up-to-date comparative case studies from both the public and private sectors, this conference brought together HR professionals, Chief Executives, Directors, Occupational Health Professionals, Risk Managers and all those concerned with employee wellbeing, increased productivity and healthy work spaces. The full report, ‘At work and working well? absence and labour turnover 2007’, is available from the <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.cbibookshop.biz/at_work_and_working_well?category_id=0&search_string=absence&s_tit=1&s_cod=1&s_sds=1&s_fds=1" href="http://www.cbibookshop.biz/at_work_and_working_well?category_id=0&search_string=absence&s_tit=1&s_cod=1&s_sds=1&s_fds=1" _blank"="">CBI bookshop