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Student Satisfaction
10 Jun 2008
2nd Annual Conference held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London

In an era of more demanding consumer students, who are increasingly focused on employability outcomes, quality and managing student expectations have become key concerns for all universities that want to succeed in the increasingly competitive student admissions and retention market. This national conference brought together policy makers, student support professionals and student representatives with senior HE administrators and legal experts to explore current student demand issues. Examining the latest trends including the challenges of quality assurance, expectations and complaints management, delegates explored best practice examples of how to listen and respond effectively to the expectations of all student groups. Keynote speaker, Bill Rammell MP made the point that students in the next decade will be different from today’s because there will be fewer 18 year olds and more will be looking to further their existing careers and raise their skill levels. Traditional methods of delivery for first degrees will no longer be relevant or effective for many students such as those with work commitments. “Increasingly there will be no typical Higher Education student just as there is no typical Higher Education experience”, he said.