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Local Strategic Partnerships '08
12 Jun 2008
7th Annual Conference held at Inmarsat Conference Centre, London

Strong and Prosperous Communities promised to strengthen Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs). The ‘duty to involve’ is a key element of the framework being introduced by the Local Government & Public Involvement in Health Act 2007. LSPs have been placed in a key position within local governance to ensure local priorities are met. Supported by IDeA this event examined the findings of the consultation on guidance. Presentations looked at the future direction of partnerships' policy, the new duty to involve and the strengthened LSP as a delivery vehicle. Also explored was the crucial role LSPs will play in empowering local communities and improving areas. Listen to Councillor Paul Bettison, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, state his views on what makes for successful local partnership working. The three keys are shared ambition, shared vision and, most importantly, shared delivery: “without delivery of the final outcome of a partnership then, quite frankly, we’ve just been engaged in a pointless exercise”, he said.