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6th Annual Child Protection Conference
12 Jun 2008
Held at the Royal Over-Seas League, London

With the introduction of several new safeguarding schemes in 2008 and the key commitments outlined in the Staying Safe Action Plan, the Government continues its work to ensure that children everywhere are safeguarded by supporting the joining up of services to realise the Every Child Matters Agenda. This conference gave delegates an opportunity to learn about the new Vetting and Barring Scheme and discuss what the implications of its implementation will be for those in the child work force. The conference also considered the best ways of joining up services to improve access and quality. Talking about the challenge of safeguarding every child and young person, Jeanette Pugh, Director, Safeguarding Group, Department for Children, Schools and Families, said it was about “…striking the right balance between keeping children safe but allowing them the freedom…to develop their own resilience and to enjoy their childhood so it’s not about wrapping children in cotton wool or about battery farmed children”.