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CBI Public Services Summit
26 Jun 2008
Held at the QEII Conference Centre, London

Tailoring public services to meet the needs of individuals is necessary for the next stage for reform and improvement. Public service managers from public and private sectors need to understand how services will be changed and delivered. This summit for public services leaders in companies, central and local government, health and education focused on the key developments, programmes and models of delivery to meet the Prime Minister's objective of “personalised public services”. Drawing on examples from the public and private sectors and joint working to deliver “tailored” services, the conference gave insights into organisational change, new markets, financial models and new partnership opportunities. When asked if the emphasis on the delivery of public services was changing from choice to personalisation, David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, University and Skills replied that he was still a believer in choice as an effective model and that choice can be available where there is a single provider, for example within a school. Charles Clarke MP added that he saw choice and personalisation as opposite sides of the same coin: "...the whole effort has to be to get individuals to be able to use the public service which is helpful and positive to them", he said.