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Strategic Leadership in HE through integrated IT and library services
08 Jul 2008
Held at the University of Salford, Manchester

Integrated IT and Library Services have become a central part in the running of HEIs. They are playing an important role in developing modern services, enhancing the student experience, help to enable non-traditional and work-based students to participate in HE and allow for institutions to rely on innovative solutions for sustainable strategic planning and change management. The Government’s drive to ensure that HEIs are able to provide flexible and sustainable services and to stay competitive spans a range of policy areas in which integrated IT and Library Services can play a positive role. This conference explored how integrated IT and Library Services can transform the learning and research experience, add value to individual institutions and showcase best practice. For details of how to access Bob McKee's presentation contact CILIP direct. To access the Marty Harris materials contant Gartner inc direct. All delegates to the event receive free access to the online archive. For details contact policyreview.tv direct on 020 7324 4378.