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Global Perspective
16 Sep 2008
A Festschrift conference for Professor Sir Colin Campbell on 'The Internationalisation of Higher Education' held at The University of Nottingham
The impact of rapid globalisation and growth of powerful emerging economies is altering trends and demand in international education and universities today cooperate but also compete on a global scale. This conference was held in recognition of The Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham, Professor Sir Colin Campbell, and his contribution to the internationalisation of higher education. It attracted delegates from across UK higher education, business and government and from academic institutions overseas. Listen to Dr Bahram Bekhradnia, Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute warn that the sector may have become over-dependent on the income provided by overseas students, currently running at eight per cent of total income. "We need long-term vision, both by governments and by universities," he said. Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor of the Financial Times, agreed that the UK higher education system is "chronically under-financed" for the role it is now undertaking. Lord Digby Jones, Trade Minister, argued that universities would be the difference between success and failure in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. He said: "If we as a country are going to survive, if we as democracies are going to win, universities are not just a key part of it, they are essential for our survival."
Professor David Eastwood
Keynote address

Dr Bahram Bekhradnia
UK Higher Education in the global economy - far sighted myopia

Dr Wendy Piatt
Rising to the challenges and opportunities of global competition

Martin Wolf
Next steps in funding a globally competitive university sector

Lord Digby Jones
The currency of power in the 21st Century

Professor Ian Diamond
Strategies to enhance international partnerships in research and knowledge transfer

Professor Allan Jones
Research needs for a low carbon energy future

Question and answer
Session 2

Professor Fujia Yang
Forum: International networks and their role

Professor Wei Yang
Towards a university fulfilling global and local needs

Question and answer
Session 3

Sir Graeme Davies
Strategies for transnational education

Lord Ron Dearing

Professor Brenda Gourley
Scholarship in the 21st Century

Question and answer
Session 4

Lord Digby Jones

Professor Sir Colin Campbell

Dr Wendy Piatt

Audience reaction