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Delivering Choice-Based Lettings
09 Oct 2008
4th Annual Conference- Enhancing Choice and Mobility

The drive towards the personalisation of public services continues at great pace and Choice-Based Lettings schemes are well placed to deliver. But challenges remain to meet the Government’s target of 100% local authority take-up of the scheme by 2010, coupled with the roll out of sub-regional schemes and enhanced housing options. For local authorities and housing associations, this conference provided the latest guidance to deliver Choice-Based Lettings and considered what the schemes may look like in the year ahead. The event also examined how to modernise housing advice and connect CBL with enhanced housing options to the benefit of meeting Local Area Agreements. Delegates had the opportunity to look in detail at innovative approaches to supporting vulnerable people to access and benefit from CBL as well as how to address a range of issues around migrant workers, home ownership, common housing registers, cost effectiveness, and working with the private sector.