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Sports Provision for Children and Young People
27 Nov 2008
3rd National Conference

Following the success of the PESSCL strategy - which helped 86% of young people to participate in at least two hours PE and sport each week – the Government has set a new target as part of the PE and Sport Strategy for Young People. With additional funding of £755m the ambition is for young people to access five hours of physical education a week, both in and outside of school. This national conference brought together a large senior-level audience involved in planning and delivering sport for children and young people to look at how to meet the new five hour ambition. Delegates explored how to respond to the increased emphasis on a world class community sport system and how to involve and engage young people in shaping their services. They also heard how Local Area Agreement targets on well-being can be met through delivering the PE and Sport Strategy for Young People. The event looked at innovative approaches to empower young people to get involved in sport and physical activity in their community through sports villages, coaching, volunteering, and multi-skill clubs for young people with disabilities.