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Labour Party Annual Conference - Tuesday
23 Sep 2008
Held at Manchester Central from 20-24 September
Tuesday 23 September - Focus on young people and education With 22% of three year olds now diagnosed as obese, the problem was discussed at a Smith Institute fringe event entitled Beating Obesity: What about our toddlers? Helen Goodman MP, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons accepted that the Government had not thought enough about the toddler age group in terms of obesity. Goodman claimed that the fight against child poverty was fundamental and called for a whole life approach to be adopted to tackle obesity. In addition to national targets, Local Area Agreements are now including their own targets where obesity is seen as a particular problem she said. A commercial perspective was provided by David Algar, Vice President UK and Ireland of Nutricia: “It’s very much a common mistake that it’s acceptable to feed toddlers adult food but in smaller portions…all the nutritional advice is emphatically no” he said. Representatives from MEND and the Manchester Metropolitan University also contributed to the debate. Labour's annual conference is the main event in the party's political calendar and a crucial point in its policy making process. policyreview.tv is providing online coverage from each day of the conference, recording interviews, fringe meetings and gauging the reaction of delegates and pundits.
Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
Keynote address

Beating Obesity: What about our toddlers?
Smith Institute fringe event

Beating Obesity: What about our toddlers?

Damian Allen
Interview - toddler obesity