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Delivering Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods
02 Dec 2008
2nd Annual Conference held at the Barbican Centre, London

Through Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods the Government put in place a new strategy to give older people greater choice and independence in their housing needs and within their neighbourhoods. This conference looked at how to improve current housing stock and services and rise to the challenges for new housing. Delegates explored how to meet the targets to ‘future proof’ all new homes so that by 2011 all new social housing meets the Lifetime Homes standard, and by 2013 all new homes are ‘age friendly’. The event also examined what ‘age-friendly’ cities should look like and the role planners and councils have in creating them. As well as demonstrating how we can plan for an ageing population, speakers presented how best services can support older people through the National Housing Advice and Information Service, the £460m Disabled Facilities Grant and £33m rapid repair and adaptations service.