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Promoting Responsible Drinking
04 Dec 2008
3rd Annual Conference to be held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London

The culture of binge drinking amongst young people has in many places created a fear of crime and unsafe town centres. Research shows that pre-teens and teenagers in some areas frequently consume over 20 units a week, prompting them to become involved in violence, vandalism and sexual risk. This, combined with high levels of alcohol consumption amongst everyday social drinkers has seen the amount of people admitted to hospital with alcohol related illnesses increased by 10 per cent each year. To change this drinking culture, the Government launched several new campaigns to reduce alcohol harm and inform about safe drinking habits. This conference gave delegates an opportunity to hear the latest government policy and strategy and learn about the outcomes of the latest research. Bringing together delegates from the health and community safety sector with central and local government representatives the event was for all those working to promote responsible and safe drinking.