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The Higher Education Summit 2009
02 Feb 2009
Choices Beyond 2010. Held at QEII Conference Centre, London

The Higher Education sector is becoming more stratified, as funding changes increasingly mean that no institution can deliver to all students. Institutions must choose their future market segment and unique University Selling Points. Timed at the beginning of an important year, which includes the review of student finance and fees, the Summit gave a comprehensive update on the latest policy issues, from the incoming Research Excellence Framework to the next steps after the DIUS commissioned Higher Education reviews. The Summit provided an opportunity to hear from leading national and international commentators on the key policy and strategic challenges facing Higher Education institutions.

Panel debate
The future of HE in a changing global climate

Professor Nicholas Barr - 'phone link
Understanding your market position ready for the new era

Wes Streeting
Keynote address

Professor Rick Trainor
Keynote address: The future size and shape of the UK higher education sector

David Lammy MP
Keynote addtress

Policy break out streams

Wes Streeting

Professor David Eastwood
In conversation with Mike Baker

David Willetts MP
Keynote address

Professor Christopher Snowden
Who is best placed to teach courses for employers?

Panel debate
Session 4

Audience reaction