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Rev. Jesse Jackson Lecture
01 Dec 2008
Organised by the Centre for Local Policy Studies (CLPS) at Edge Hill University
American civil rights leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson, will deliver a free public lecture. In a lecture entitled Civil Rights to Equanomics Rev. Jackson will focus on the relationship between economic justice and race. This timely event takes place in the aftermath of this year’s historic American elections and the candidacy of Barack Obama the first black presidential candidate. Rev. Jackson will discuss themes from racial justice to economic equality, as the event marks a number of historic anniversaries: The 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela; the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King at which Rev. Jesse Jackson was present, standing only a few steps away from Dr King when the fatal shot was fired.
John Cater
Introduces the evening lecture

Sense of Sound Choir

Karen Chouhan
Equanomics UK

Rev. Jesse Jackson
From Civil Rights to Equanomics

Question and answer session

Dr Tanya Byron
Offers university Fellowship to Rev. Jackson

Summary of event

Press conference

Rosie Cooper MP