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International Higher Education Partnerships
27 Jan 2009
Held at Inmarsat Conference Centre, London

Overseas delivery currently accounts for 200,000 international students following UK higher education programmes. By 2010 it is likely that demand for trans-national education will be greater than for international students seeking an overseas campus based experience, meaning that successful international partnerships between higher education institutions are going to be vital to the sector. This conference brought together Vice-chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Heads of International Offices, government officials and other senior higher education representatives concerned with international strategic developments to set out strategies and discuss current trends in the sector. The conference addressed progress in the role of government to promote international HE partnerships, the rise of the ‘global citizen’, working with developing markets and the importance of encouraging the higher education system to develop as a truly global leader. Click here to view Million + report Universities and International Higher Education partnerships: making a difference report (opens a new window)