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Future of Nursing Summit
10 Feb 2009
3rd annual conference - Shaping education for contemporary career pathways. Held at Inmarsat Conference Centre, London

In 2006, the Department of Health published Modernising Nursing Careers, a document proposing radical changes to the role of nurses in the delivery of healthcare and to the development of a future nursing workforce. The workforce must be fit for practice and able to face the challenges and needs of an ageing population and the continued drive towards care closer to the home. More recently the Nursing and Midwifery Council have been reviewing pre-registration nursing education and the Department of Health is working on shaping post registration career pathways, both of which are at the heart of reforming the workforce so that it is more related to modern day healthcare. At a pivotal point in the development of future policy, this conference brought together senior nurse educators, directors and managers to analyse these consultations, to learn about the most recent developments from key decision-makers and to discuss future healthcare requirements and the appropriate response for the nursing workforce.