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14-19 Skills for Employability
10 Feb 2009
Equipping young people for the world of employment. Held at America Square Conference Centre, London

By 2014 two-thirds of jobs will require at least level three qualifications and by 2020 an additional 20 million people will require higher skills levels than at present. In an economically challenged and increasingly competitive market it is vital that young people are fully equipped with the right skills and abilities to operate in a world of increased competitiveness and unlimited opportunity. In anticipation of government raising the learning leaving age through the Education and Skills Bill 2007-2008, this conference examined the need to simplify the skills system.. This conference brought together senior representatives from across the learning and skills sector, Local Authorities, regional and sector specific agencies as well as relevant employers to discuss the implications of the latest developments in policy affecting 14-19 year olds, good practice in developing essential skills for employability and how the current qualifications work in equipping young people for the world of work.