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2nd Annual 14-19 Diplomas Conference
20 Sep 2007
Planning and delivering the universal entitlement: next steps for 2008 and beyond

THIS IS A PODCAST AND DOCUMENT ONLY EVENT The 2nd Annual 14-19 Diplomas conference brought together an audience of over 400 consortia members, including senior managers from FE colleges, schools, Local Authorities, central government, awarding bodies, universities, and private and voluntary providers. With just one year to go before a predicted 40,000 young people embark on the first five lines of learning, this important conference provided a key update on developments and the milestones to be reached, and informed the next steps for consortia. The conference heard key announcements from Government, the QCA and the LSC, and case studied good practice from the pathfinders and Diploma Development Partnerships. The event was chaired by Mike Baker, Broadcaster and Journalist.