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Next Steps on Integrated Care - online seminar
15 Jan 2009
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This online seminar looked at the opportunities offered to those GP practices which were not chosen to participate in the Government's national pilot for Integrated Care Organisations. Specifically this live two-way event, hosted by integrated care specialists IHP, explained to GPs how integrated care could be delivered in phases, over time, where GP practices would assume greater responsibility and, potentially, reap greater rewards. The recording from this online seminar is for information only and was endorsed by the NAPC (National Association of Primary Care). In addition to following the contributions from GPs who participated in the live online discussion, watch a presentation on Integrated Care by Oliver Bernath, Managing Director, IHP, on how GPs can be supported in moving towards becoming fully-fledged ICOs. Click here to view a PDF of the presentation (opens a new window)

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Dr Oliver Bernath

Dr Oliver Bernath and Dr Tim Richardson
Question and answer session

Dr Oliver Bernath, IHP Managing Director