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Community Cohesion
19 May 2009
5th Annual Conference. Held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London

This national conference provided an opportunity to discuss how best to engage disadvantaged communities and bring people from different backgrounds together to prevent growing resentment from leading to increasing segregation. The conference also looked at examples of good practice cohesion projects and discussed what role councils should take in increasing cohesion.

Pamela Bremner
Deputy Head, Racem Faith and Cohesion Research Unit, Ipsos MORI

Angela Mason
National Advisor on Equality and Cohesion, IDeA

Ciara Wells
Deputy Director, Cohesion and Faiths Division, Department for Communities and Local Government

Questions and discussion
Session 1

Saleem Sheikh
Joint Chair, Coventry Ethnic Minority Action Partnership

Raja Miah MBE
Director, PeaceMaker

Rauf Mirza
Director, Acumen TMC, and former Chairman, Regional Sports Board, Sport England

Questions and discussion
Session 2

Councillor Ross Willmott
Leader, Leicester City Council

Panel discussion
Session 3