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Delivering Local Outcomes through Libraries
02 Jul 2009
4th National Conference held in central London

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport published its Library Service Modernisation Review in June 2009. The review focused on what a modern library service can contribute to local authorities, and set out the partnership and investment framework across government needed to achieve this vision. This conference, supported by DCMS and the Society of Chief Librarians, equipped delegates with a sound understanding of the review’s findings and provided an opportunity for further debate amongst senior local authority officials, the library sector and providers of other local services.

Fiona Williams
Head, Libraries and Heritage, City of York Council; President, Society of Chief Librarians

Paul Bristow
Senior Policy Adviser, Communities and Local Government, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

Tricia Kilsby
Lead for Culture and the Third Sector, Audit Commission

Barbara Follett MP
Minister for Culture

John Harris & Kate Millin
Delivering the digital inclusion agenda within a context of information literacy

Caroline Brazier
Associate Director, British Library

Eppo Van Nispen
DOK Library Concept Center

Heather Wakefield
National Secretary, Local Government Service Group, UNISON

Nicky Parker
Head, Library and Information Services, Manchester City Council

Brian Gambles
Assistant Director, Culture, Birmingham City Council

Cllr Christian Vassie
Executive Member, Leisure, Culture and Social Inclusion, and Energy Champion, City of York Council

Sue Thiedeman & David Ruse
Improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of public library services - lessons learned from London