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Global Position Seminar: Reaching your Target Segment
23 Sep 2010
A Masterclass Trans-Atlantic Broadcast held at Westminster Studio. Hosted by the Chronicle and PRTV

Chaired by: David Wheeler, Managing Editor International, The Chronicle

Speakers included:

  • Professor Sir Drummond Bone, former Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University
  • Professor Colin Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Surrey
  • Elizabeth Scarborough, Chief Executive Officer, SimpsonScarborough
  • Gretchen Dobson, Senior Associate Director, Domestic and International Programs Office of Alumni Relations, Tufts University

Questions submitted online that couldn't be answered during the session included:

Stephanie Motschenbacher from Michigan State University, Director of Communications who asked Sir Drummond Bone the following:
Have any of you seen or been able to place metrics to value of study abroad activities have to your reputation and relationships abroad? At Michigan State 10 percent of our Study Abroad program are based on a community engagement model which is succesfull at linking our students and faculty to communities around the globe.


From the British Council USA  for Drummond Bone:
How can the UK and US Higher Education institutions work better together to partner with industry?

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Masterclass seminar
- 90 minute programme