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New Look Local Area Agreements
20 Nov 2007

Speakers at this conference included Local Government Minister John Healey MP, Cllr Sir Simon Milton Chair of the Local Government Association, Michael O’Higgins Chair of the Audit Commission and Lucy de Groot Executive Director at the Improvement and Development Agency.

Sir Simon Milton
A new contract between central and local government

John Healey MP
Keynote Address

John Healey MP
Question and answer session

Michael O’Higgins
Improving the performance of your area through the new LAA

Question and answer session

Lucy de Groot
Place-shaping: The opportunity for local government

James Blake
LAAs and the new local performance framework

Jon Bright
Local Area Agreement Strengthening delivery Improving Outcomes

Question and answer session

David Warwick
The negotiating process in practice

Mihir Warty
In the spirit of co-operation – the new duty

Jo Turton and Wendy Marston
Lessons from the LAA feasibility testing: negotiating outcomes

Bob Jones
Working with statutory partners

Question and answer session

Simon Milton

Michael O'Higgins

Audience reaction