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Social Enterprise, Mutuals and Spinning Out: A Guide in Finance
06 Apr 2011
Mutual and Social Enterprise Conferences Series 2011. Social Enterprise, Mutuals and Spinning Out: A Guide in Finance. Held at Westminster Studios, London SW1

Headline Speakers

Finance, procurement, and commissioning teams may already have experience of working with mutuals or social enterprise; many charities and professional organisations operate under this status so the typical finance director may be familiar with their structure and modus operandi.

Under the new environment there will be significant growth of new organisations with a social purpose, some of which may be formed by existing public servants forming a mutual with the aim of providing services in an innovative way. This is a recognised way of engaging staff in the ownership of change and innovation, and avoiding the polarisation and ‘value destruction’ that characterised reforms in the 80s.

Many newly formed organisations will have hybrid characteristics and Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has cleared the way for private capital, commercial managers, assets and sales to feature in the formation of new delivery organisations. In many cases the parent public body will keep a strong interest, share or asset in the enterprise or mutual.

How do you establish such a structure, raise funds, and use assets, while also creating an organisation with genuine autonomy to innovate and deliver services but which protects the parent body from liabilities?

How do you define and negotiate failure regimes in the event that the enterprise is not sustainable but the commissioning organisation retains a statutory responsible for the provision of the service it was delivering? This conference and TV broadcast addressed these issues while showcasing best practice examples and models from throughout the UK.

Jonathan Bland, Managing Director, Social Business International
Welcome and introduction from conference Chair

Alan Edwards, International Director, CIPFA
The future and impact of public sector spinouts for finance directors

Gareth Davies, MD Audit Practice, Audit Commission
Exploring the financial aspects of mutualisation

Questions and discussion: Session 1
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Mark Johnson, Managing Director, TPP Law Limited
An assessment of the risks and liabilities: effective failure regimes

Edward Finch, Partner, Buzzacott
The impact of spinning out on tax- overcoming the obstacles

John Sandford, Consultant, Co-operatives UK
Best practice in accountancy standards - KCPIs and CESPIs

Panel discussion: The impact of 'spinning out' on finance and procurement
Morning speakers

Lunchtime summary of the morning sessions with Jonathan Bland Jonathan Bland is interviewed by Broadcaster, Roger Gewolb
Jane Lowrie, Property Advisor and CIPFA’s representative on the Asset Transfer Unit Stakeholder Forum
The use of public sector property assets in spinning out

Julie McEver, Transactions and Investment, Local Partnerships
Obtaining gap funding: who will fund you prior to spinning out?

Ben Jupp, Director, Social Finance and former Director of Public Services Strategy, Cabinet Office
Tapping into new sources of social investment: Big Society Bank, Social Impact Bonds and Social Venture Funds

Craig Dearden-Phillips, Charity Founder, Stepping Out
Financial priorities competing within the bigger social enterprise picture

Questions and discussion: Session 3
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Michael Burton, Editor, the MJ
Welcome from afternoon Chair

Geoff Dobson, Head of Strategic Finance, Suffolk County Council
The impact of outsourcing on finance models and practice

Panel discussion: Preparing for the future- pensions
Bob Summers, Chairman of CIPFAs Pensions Panel and Pensions Network and Treasurer to Norfolk Police Authority; Geoff Dobson Head of Strategic Finance, Suffolk County Council.