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Extending low cost home ownership support
29 Nov 2007
held at Jurys Hotel London

This event will be of interest to anyone involved in housing across government, the public and private sector. The Housing Green Paper is discussed and the future of low cost home ownership - how new low cost home ownership schemes are being developed, the relationship between affordability and supply, how assistance can be better managed and information on the effectiveness of schemes is improved and – ultimately – ensuring schemes help is focused on those who need it most. In the Housing Green Paper (July 2007) Homes for the Future: more affordable, more sustainable, government called for a national housing drive to support more affordable housing. Low cost home ownership is one form of supply of new affordable homes, and the Green Paper outlined plans for increasing the options for low cost home ownership and more long term and affordable mortgage products. At least 25,000 new shared ownership and shared equity homes each year will be provided, including by local authorities through Local Housing Companies and private developers. New shared equity products are being developed, along with measures to improve the ability of lenders to finance more affordable long term fixed rate mortgages. All these measures will help deliver 2 million homes by 2016 and 3 million by 2020. As the Housing Corporation’s competition for affordable shared equity products for first time buyers draws to a close, and with the next Affordable Housing Programme to start in April 2008, low cost home ownership is set to become a government priority for the next few years.