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The Future of Joint Ventures
06 Dec 2011
Westminster Studios, London SW1

Headline Speakers

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The traditional contractor-supplier relationship is evolving towards a truly incentivised partnership - but how does the public sector make it work effectively to protect services and maintain affordability? By attending this conference online you will obtain up-to-date guidance on forming, structuring and managing joint ventures with examples of true best practice from across the country. Sector leaders will discuss practical ways to forge a healthy and financially beneficial partnership with the private sector while ensuring local public services are improved for the end user.

Michael Burton, Editorial Director, The MJ
Welcome and introduction from conference Chair

Judith Barnes, Partner, Eversheds LLP
Comparing joint ventures with other mechanisms: shared services, trading arms and mutuals and knowing when to procure the private sector

Rob Hann, Director, Legal Services, Local Partnerships
Evolving away from traditional contractor-supplier relationships: forming mutually beneficial relationships

Panel discussion: what constitutes a joint venture? Why joint ventures?
Session speakers to be joined by: Jessica May, Joint Chair, Partnership Futures

Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive, Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE)
Weighing up the risks and rewards of joint ventures and shared services

David Finlay, Director of Corporate Finance and Infrastructure Team, National Audit Office
Getting value for money from long term ventures

Stephen Baker, Chief Executive, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council
Understanding the skills required to prepare public sector leaders for joint ventures

Panel discussion: Session 2
1. What does a successful transition into a joint venture look like? 2. How can the public sector overcome Euro rules to procure partners? Session speakers to be joined by: Cllr Iain Malcolm, Leader, South Tyneside Council

Buffet lunch, networking and exhibition
Key Issue Seminar 1: Case study: Engaging and motivating staff towards a successful joint venture
Cllr Iain Malcolm, Leader, South Tyneside Council

Key Issue Seminar 2: Case study: Overcoming the legal barriers to joint ventures: structure, procurement, tax and competition law
Martin Pilkington, Finance Director, RH Environmental Ltd Robert Marcus, Outsourcing lawyer and Executive Vice President, CarbonZero IT and CarbonZero Capital

Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Sue Lees, Divisional Director of Assets and Commercial Services, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham - a joint venture in action

Mike Dearing, Managing Director, The Shared Services Partnership, Herefordshire Council
Securing local economic stability through the generation of jobs

Panel discussion: Session 4
1. What can be learnt from past joint ventures when utilising the Power of General Competence? 2. Do joint ventures, driven by economic pressures, change the nature of local government and the relationship between voters, members and services? Session speakers

Close of conference