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5th Annual Positive Activities Conference
24 Jan 2008
Empowerment Access and Quality - Diverting Young People from Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour through Positive Activities Supported by The National Youth Agency and Crime Concern Held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London

Includes delegates from the police, local authorities, youth offending teams, drug action teams, Children's Trusts, the Connexions Service and other key stakeholders with a remit to help and support young people at risk of offending. This conference shows how the ‘Aiming high for young people: a ten year strategy for positive activities' will be rolled out, and what support is available. Local public services, voluntary groups, community groups, and the professionals working directly with young people and their families will see a new landscape of funding, assets, support and empowerment for the young people in their constituency in these ambitious plans. Keynote speaker: Andrew McCully, Director, Supporting Children and Young People Group, DCSF. Online access to this conference costs £150 + VAT. For details of our subscriptions, which gives unlimited access to every event, click on the pricing tab at the top of the page.