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CPHVA 2012 - 2 DAY #cphva12
07 Nov 2012

Headline Speakers

Currently, nursing in the community faces significant challenges across the UK, including:

The importance of a good start for the infant in the family;

The implementation of the Health Visitors’ Plan in England;

The shift of public health finance to local government;

Implementing the Modernising Community Workforce Programme in Scotland;

The growth of the extended school day and the shift to academies;

The transfer of community nursing services to Foundation Trusts, Community Trusts and Social Enterprises.

For leaders and practitioners this is the UK conference at which to keep up with the best practice in the four countries, share and find solutions to your problems and celebrate the difference that community; health visiting and school nursing makes to children and their life chances.        


Day 1 - 07 Nov 2012

Summary Film
Department of Health at the CPHVA
Exhibitor Reactions
Alison Higley, Chair, CPHVA, National Professional Committee
Chair's opening remarks

Elizabeth Anionwu, Vice President, CPHVA
President's welcome

Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union
Union address

Prof Sarah Cowley, Professor of Community Practice Development (retired), King’s College London
Reflecting on the past; building for the future

Dr Dan Poulter MP, Public Health Minister
Keynote address

Questions and discussion
Professor Viv Bennett, Department of Health's Director of Nursing and the Government's Principal Advisor on Public Health Nursing
Public health – personalised services

Questions and discussions
Mental Health
Human trafficking - is it really a health problem?
Dawn Eccleston, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire
Chaired by Jane Keoghane-Brooks, Equalities Sub Committee, NPC

What are the key components of health visitor interventions and relationships between the current health visiting service, its processes and outcomes? Professor Sarah Cowley, Professor of Community Practice Development (retired), King’s College London
Health visiting: the voice of service users Dr Mary Malone, Lecturer, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery
Chaired by Anita McCrum, Education Sub-committee, NPC

Supporting the needs of health visiting teams: national perspectives from the Restorative Clinical Supervision Programme
Dr Sonya Wallbank, Associate Professor Child Health, Warwickshire Foundation Trust
EMPPOWER HV: exploring a Community of practice
Professor Sally Kendall, Director CRIPACC, University of Hertfordshire
Dr Cheryll Adams, Independent Adviser Health Visiting, Cheryll Adams Consulting

Manchester Early Years Health Award: what is your nursery feeding your child?
Amy Ashton, Public Health Manager - Healthy Weight, NHS Manchester;
Claire Fawcett-Brown, Early Years Public Health Coordinator, CMFT
Ten steps for healthy toddlers: a positive approach to encouraging healthy lifestyles in toddlers for parents and carers
Judy More, Paediatric Dietitian, Infant and Toddler Forum
Chaired by Hilary Levan, South West, NPC

“Well, I’m going to be a dad and there’s nowt better than that really is there?: teenage fathers, teenage fatherhood
Moira Graham, Lecturer in Public Health, University of Hull Promoting caring dads: an evaluation of a programme for men at risk of committing domestic violence
Dr Toity Deave, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Child and Adolescent Health, University of the West of England
Chaired by Pauline Pearson, Research Advisory Group, NPC

School Nursing
An ideal sexual health service for Maori (indigenous New Zealanders) in South Auckland, New Zealand
Karen Hoare, Nurse Practitioner (Child and Youth) / Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
The QK Pilot and how school nurses can address the HCP and 0-19 agenda
Jessica Streeting, School Public Health Nurse, Quintin Kynaston School
Chaired by Lucretia Baptiste, School Nursing Forum, NPC

CNN Symposium
The future of the Community Nursery Nurse: positive steps forward
How social relationships support babies' development
Professor Lynne Murray, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading Baby-led weaning
Dr Ellen Townsend, Associate Professor Personality, Social Psychology and Health Group, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
Chair: Stella Mann, Chair, Community Nursery Nurses’ Forum

Can an American actuarial risk assessment tool help us to identify risks to children in UK child protection cases?
Dr Heather Wood, Visiting Research Associate with the National Nursing Research Unit at Kings College London Supporting health visitors and school nurses to effectively safeguard children
Lynne Laine, Associate Director Safeguarding and Clare Edwards, Head of Service Safeguarding Children, Birmingham Community Health Care NHS Trust
Chaired by Sandra Humphrey, London, NPC

The role of the practice teacher in the brave new world
Penny Franklin, Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Health Studies (Prescribing), The University of Plymouth
Building the health visiting profession of the future Dr Cheryll Adams, Independent Adviser Health Visiting, Cheryll Adams Consulting and Professor Rosamund Bryar, Professor of Community and Primary Care Nursing, City University, London
Chaired by Anita McCrum, Education Sub-committee, NPC

Leveraging diversity to improve creativity
Shirley Baah-Mensah, Modern Matron, Community Health Services
Presentation by the 2012 McQueen Award winner

Start and stay: examining recruitment and retention of health visitors
Dr Karen Whittaker, Research Fellow, National Nursing Research Unit, King's College London
Educating the workforce to meet the challenge of 'The Call for Action': development and use of a competence framework
Dr Lynda Smith, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Strength in numbers: the power of measuring our work with parents
Sean Grant, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oxford
The development and validation of tools to measure the health visitor/parent relationship Christine Bidmead, PhD Student; Visiting Research Associates; King’s College London

Cultural issues
Using the principles and practices of health visiting to meet the health needs of refugees
Jackie Mosley, Health Visitor, City Reach Health Services
Cultural competence as a core component of quality community nursing care
Dr Julia Quickfall, Nurse Director, Queen's Nursing Institute Scotland
Chaired by Jane Keoghane-Brooks, Equalities Sub Committee, NPC

CNN Symposium (continued)
Role of the CNN in the HV Implementation Plan
Pauline Watts, Professional Officer, Health Visiting, Department of Health Regulation: where are we now?
Barbara Evans, Community Nursery Nurse, Leicestershire Partnership Trust and Unite/CPHVA Community Nursery Nurse of the Year 2012
Chaired by Stella Mann, Chair, Community Nursery Nurses' Forum

Dame Elizabeth Fradd, Chair, Health Visitors’ Taskforce; Independent Health Service Advisor
The role of the Health Visiting Taskforce in the new service vision

Rebecca Rosin Improving outcomes through integrated care
Dr Crispin Day, Building effective working relationships with parents
Head of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Research Unit, Head of Centre for Parent and Child Support, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Questions and discussion
Katerina Kolver
Asserting professionalism: the role of the NMC

Panel discussion: professionalism in practice: UK perspectives
Professor Jean White, Chief Nursing Officer for Wales; Visiting Honorary Professor, Cardiff University
Jackie Smith, Acting Chief Executive and Registrar, The Nursing and Midwifery Council

Anita McCrum, Chair, Education Sub-committee, National Professional Committee
2011 National Professional Committee feedback to conference: your voice – our action!

Obi Amadi, Lead Professional Officer – Health Sector, Unite the Union
Annual professional update

Unite/CPHVA award presentations
End of broadcast

Day 2 - 08 Nov 2012

Alison Higley, Chair, CPHVA National Professional Committee
Chair's opening remarks

Christina Lindhardt, Vice-President, Danish Association of Health Visitors
Best practice: learning from our neighbours

Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland
Implementing the Modernising Community Workforce Programme Action Plan

Angela McLernon, Acting Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland
Presentation title to be confirmed

Prof Jean White, Chief Nursing Officer for Wales; Visiting Honorary Professor, Cardiff University
Initiatives and priorities for Wales

Questions and discussion
Court and legal preparation
Jane Lynch, Director, Health Professional Training Agency; Clinical Negligence Solicitor, MW Solicitors
Chaired by Maggie Fisher

Remote and rural communities: sharing and learning
Catriona Duignan, Past President, Irish Institute of Community Health Nursing;
Rhoda Walker, Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, NHS Orkney
Chaired by Annie Hair, Scotland, NPC

Addressing the health needs of vulnerable and complex families
Amanda Corr, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and Specialist Nurse Family Intervention Project, Buckinghamshire Hospital Trust - Division of Women and Children;
Vicki Causer, Family Intervention Project Manager
Chaired by Carolyn Taylor, Vice-Chair, North East and Nursing Occupational Advisory Committee

Challenges and opportunities: building research capacity to improve health and wellbeing
Revd Professor Pauline Pearson, Professor of Nursing, School of Health, Community and Education Studies, Northumbria University;
Professor Sally Kendall, Director, Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care, University of Hertfordshire
Plus members of the Research Advisory Group
Chaired by Angela Lewis, Vice-Chair, Yorkshire and Humber, NPC
Chaired by Angela Lewis, Vice-Chair, Yorkshire and Humber, NPC

Developing Informed Communities: the role of information and technology as a key enabler
Dr Susan Hamer, National Director for Nursing, Midwifery and Associated Health Professionals, Clinical Division, Department of Health Informatics Directorate;
Anne Owen, Clinical Informaticist (Nursing), NHS Wales Informatics Service
Chaired by Su Davis, Chair, Health Informatics Advisory Group

Human Trafficking - Adult Protection / Domestic Abuse - Child Abuse - What to look for and how to report it
Chief Inspector Ali Darge and Detective Chief Inspector Carwyn Hughes, Protecting Vulnerable People, Force Crime & Justice Department, Sussex Police
Chaired by Maeve Girvan and Janet Taylor, Joint Chairs, Northern Ireland, NPC

Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Dr Jane Appleton, Reader in Primary and Community Care in the School of Health and Social Care, Oxford Brookes University
Working together to safeguard children

Tracey Bell, Regional Manager, Yorkshire and the North East, Shelter
Safeguarding vulnerable adults and the homeless

Questions and discussion
CPHVA Education and Development Trust AGM
Mental Health
How do practice educators in specialist community public health nursing use information and communication technologies (ICTs) in their work with vulnerable families?
Pamela Schultz, Lecturer: Community Nursing, University Campus Suffolk
“Am I anorexic?” A corpus sociolinguistic study of weight and the body in online adolescent health communication
Dr Kevin Harvey, Lecturer in Sociolinguistics, University of Nottingham
Chaired by Margaret Warner, South East, NPC

Social media
Understanding the risks of social media Andy Jaeger, Assistant Director, Professional and Public Communications, The Nursing and Midwifery Council
Protecting your online profile
David Wright, UK Safer Internet Centre
Chaired by Su Davis, Health Informatics Advisory Group, NPC

Student nurses’ experiences of a placement with health visitors
Caroline Ridley, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
The Hackney model of growing and developing the workforce: how we supported the increased need for specialist practice student placements
Faith Mkandawire, Enhanced Modern Matron, Homerton University Foundation NHS Trust
Chaired by Maria Skudlarz, Wales, NPC

The Ready to Learn Evaluation: Characterising neurodevelopmental problems identified at a universal nurse contact with 30-month-old children
Fiona Sim, Research Assistant, University of Glasgow
Bulundidi Guduga: innovations from Australia to help parents
Catherine Lowenhoff, Independent Nurse Consultant
Chaired by Su Lowe, West Midlands, NPC

Baby Stars: using the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale and Neonatal Behavioural Observation System in practice
Maggie Wood, Health Visitor, South Tees Hospital Foundation Trust
Small wonders
Alison Baum, Chief Executive, Best Beginnings
Chair: Maggie Fisher, Health Visitors Forum, NPC

School nursing
Delivering the Department of Health new school nursing model
Wendy Nicholson, Professional Officer, Department of Health
Corporate caseloads: will this enable school nurses to manage resources and offer a more equitable service?
Lynne Shuller, Advanced Practitioner - School Nurse, Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust
Chaired by Lucretia Baptiste, School Nursing Forum, NPC

Nick Robin memorial lecture
Dr Andrew Murray GP

Alison Higley, Chair, CPHVA National Professional Committee
Chair's closing remarks

End of broadcast