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Making Partnerships Work in Health and Local Government
14 Feb 2008
A joint Integrated Care Network / NHS Networks event held at Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London
Partnerships between health and local authorities remain high profile in government policy to achieve improved commissioning and better service outcomes. This CSIP and NHS Networks event enables people involved in integrating health and social care at all levels to receive a common perspective on key policy issues from a range of high quality speakers. It also provides an excellent opportunity to engage in stimulating discussion, sharing ideas and approaches through participation in workshops and small group activities encouraging the sharing of knowledge. Speakers include: Ruth Hussey, Regional Director of Public Health/Medical Director, NHS Northwest ; Peter Melton, Care Trust Plus; Peter Thistlethwaite, Editor, Journal of Integrated Care; and Peter Mason, Chief Executive, Centre for Public Innovation.
Edna Robinson

Leo Boland
Place as a network for people services

Ruth Hussey
Leading across boundaries - what makes partnerships ‘tick’?

Peter Melton
Are there any lessons for us from a Care Trust Plus?

Maggie Ioanno
Workshop A: The role of virtual wards in reducing unplanned admissions

Tom Surrey and Jane Everton
Workshop B: The new localism: partnerships with local communities - the supported housing perspective

Mike Clark
Workshop C: Commissioning advanced assistive technologies across health, housing and social care

Ann Workman
Workshop D: Frontline integration – the Sedgefield experience

Sue Adams
Workshop E: From top line to front line – the role of housing in improving health and social care outcomes

Renu Bindra
Workshop F: Using JSNA to improve Health and Wellbeing

Jenny Finch
Workshop I: Children’s Services - Scoping the Challenges for Integration

Peter Mason
Taking the risk – achieving innovation in health and local government partnerships

Peter Thistlethwaite
Launch of “Integrated Working” Guide

Audience reaction

Jeremy Porteus