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Personalised Care and Support
27 Feb 2008
3rd Annual Counsel and Care Conference held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London

In one of the biggest welfare reforms in a generation, Alan Johnson has announced that older people will be given money to pay for their own care. Choice and control is becoming a reality for older people as they, or a chosen relative, will have the right to spend cash – worth £8 billion a year – allocated to them as they choose. How can older people, their families and carers be supported to make the most of personal budgets and exercise real choice and control? Senior practitioners from the health, local government and third sectors came together at this major conference to discuss the current and future adult social care provision. In a passionate question and answer session, Ivan Lewis MP challenged local authorities and health services to stop the blame game and put barriers aside to provide integrated support for older people. Where there is good local leadership and organisations work together effectively there is "more money than you would think", he stated. But the system needs to change "big time". Speakers Included: Mervyn Eastman, Chief Executive of Better Government for Older People; Melanie Henwood, Health & Social Care Consultant of Melanie Henwood Associates; Janet Walden, Programme Director – Promoting Independence at the Department of Health; and Nigel Walker, Senior Commissioning Advisor for Health and Wellbeing at the Health Improvement Directorate, Department of Health.

Ivan Lewis MP
Keynote address

Ivan Lewis MP
Question and answer

Melanie Henwood
Overview of the personalisation of social care

Mervyn Eastman
Older people’s perspective on changing social care

Question and answer
session 3