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Welfare-To-Work 2008
28 Feb 2008
3rd Annual Conference held at The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Despite the UK’s relatively high employment levels, there remain 4.5 million working age people not in employment. With an increasing focus on devolved responses, better partnership working and personalised approaches, this conference examined the latest policy developments, strategies for multi-agency working and case studies of successful projects that break down the barriers to sustained employment. Attended by senior representatives from local and regional agencies, jobcentre plus, learning and skills providers, and the third sector, delegates explored where key welfare and skills policies meet and the strategies required to achieve a more inclusive labour market. Speakers included: Matt Fossey, Policy Lead for the Department for Health IAPT programme; Christine Ingall, Senior Policy Manager, Employee Development at the Learning and Skills Council; Chris Hills, Innovations and Partnerships Director of One Parent Families, Gingerbread; and Teresa Jolley, Corporate Responsibility Manager of Kier Building Maintenance North.