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Early Years Funding and Regulation
28 Feb 2013
Broadcast from London

Childcare provision is moving into a new, more challenging, era. With new two year old progress checks, and parent and local authority budgets under pressure, this event will provide you with insights on how to finance and sustain early years’ services.

Watch this online event and you’ll get expert advice and guidance on meeting these challenges. You’ll discover what works and will engage in lively discussion with other early years’ service providers in private, voluntary and local authority settings.

You’ll also get an insider briefing to help you prepare for the implications of the Commission on Childcare coming through the pipeline. Plus, you’ll also understand how other providers are re-shaping the profile of their workforces (gender, age and qualifications) to deliver greater operational stability.

Manchester Hub:

Facilitated by Jane Garth: Assistant Divisional Director for the North Division, Pre-School Learning Alliance

Bristol Networking Hub:

Facilitated by Jo Randall, Director of West Division, Pre-School Learning Alliance

Michael Freeston, Director of Quality Improvement, Pre-School Learning Alliance
Welcome and introduction from chair

Neil Leitch, Chief Executive, Pre-School Learning Alliance
Setting the scene, facing new challenges

David Fitzgerald, Deputy Director of Free Early Education and Funding Division, Department of Education
Implementing the new two year old offer

Questions and discussion
Peter Grigg, Director of Research and Research, Daycare Trust and the Family and Parenting Institute;
Claire Schofield, Director of Membership, Policy and Communications, National Day Nurseries Association;
June O’Sullivan, Chief Executive, London Early Years Foundation.

John Woodward, Group Managing Director, Busy Bees
The state of the market, pinch points and sustainability

Denise Burke, Director, United for All Ages/Good Care Guide
New ways of funding: thinking outside the box

June O'Sullivan, Chief Executive, London Early Years Foundation
Ensuring quality in the roll out: looking ahead

Questions and discussion: Session 2
Session 3:
Changes to the Early Years Regulation and Inspection Framework: lessons from the new arrangements;
Dee Gasson, Principal Officer, Childcare Registration and Enforcement, Ofsted;
Evidencing outcomes, measuring impact;
Professor Christine Pascal OBE,Director, Centre for Research in Early Childhood;
Questions and discussion.

Key issue seminar sessions
One of the following key issue seminars will be broadcast live

New business models
Denise Burke, Director, United for All Ages/Good Care Guide

Progress checks for 2 year olds
Laura Robshaw, Quality Manager, National Day Nurseries Association

Local government funding and inspection strategies
Karen Pearson, Head of Early Years, Childcare and Children's Centres, Children, Young People and Families, Birmingham City Council;
Razia Butt, Senior Improvement Adviser, Schools and Settings Improvement, Birmingham City Council.

End of broadcast