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Local Strategies for Local Crime Reduction
28 Feb 2008
Improving community safety. Held at City Conference Centre, London

The government's new strategic criminal justice plan for 2008-2011, Working Together to Cut Crime and Deliver Justice, sets out the key objectives and priorities for reducing crime over the next four years. This national conference was a must attend event for all those working to prevent crime and making communities safer. Bringing together local authority representatives with police, local criminal justice boards and crime reduction partnerships to discuss the implications of implementing the strategic criminal justice plan, the conference also examined the priorities set out in the National Community Safety Plan 2008-2011. These include the setting up of dedicated neighbourhood policing teams in every community and ensuring better communication to inform people in local communities about the performance of the criminal justice system and giving communities more power to influence the criminal justice process that affects them. Please note that overall sound quality for the podcasts on this conference is not up to the usual high quality of policyreview.tv. The question and discussion session 3 recording is especially poor.