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Innovation and the student experience #abslt13
23 Apr 2013
Broadcast from Nottingham

'Innovation and the student experience' - The ABS Learning & Teaching Conference 2013 in association with the Higher Education Academy, The British Management Association and Nottingham Trent University.  

Learning and teaching in universities is in the spotlight now more than ever. Changes in the undergraduate fee system, large and diverse classes, the NSS and technological change are all having an influence, but what exactly constitutes a quality student experience with students, employers and business schools as partners has yet to be clearly articulated. This conference provides a forum for those involved in business education to exchange excellence and discuss issues in teaching practice and pedagogic research.


Day 1 - 23 Apr 2013

Dr Jane Harrington, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England
and Professor Baback Yazdani, Dean, Nottingham Business School open the conference

Professor Sue Cox OBE, Dean, Lancaster University Management School
Session 1

Panel discussion:
Richard Atfield, Higher Education Academy
David Chalcraft, Westminster Business School
Professor Sue Cox OBE, Dean, Lancaster University Management School
Lynn Vos, Higher Education Academy
Professor Baback Yazdani, Nottingham Business School

Session 2: Workshop 2.1 The importance of interactivity in making international, online executive education effective: an exploration
Ayiesha Russell, Research Assistant, Ashridge Business School

Session 2: Workshop 2.2 Assessed reflection on feedback for the enhancement of student learning
Steve McPeake, Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Ulster Business School;
Co authors: Denise Currie and Mark McCrory

Session 2: Workshop 2.4 Entrepreneurial Effectiveness: Innovative teaching to enhance student experience
Dr Jane Chang, Westminster Business School;
Co author: David Chalcraft

Session 2: Workshop 2.5 Formative, peer and summative assessment of MSc dissertation research proposals using a research poster event
Dr Jamie Burton, Lecturer in Marketing The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School;
Co author : Dr Judy Zolkiewski, Manchester Business School

Session 2: Workshop 2.6 Rethinking large class sizes and the student and staff experience
Dr Anna Goatman, Lecturer in Marketing The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School;
Co author: Dominic Medway

Session 3: Workshop 3.1.1 Incorporating innovative personalisation into a range of business school courses
Dr Martin Rich, Senior Lecturer in Information Management, Cass Business School

Session 3: Workshop 3.3.1 Innovation in real-time assessment to simulate business reality
Anni Hollings, Academic Learning and Teaching Manager, Staffordshire University;
Co author: Paul Dobson

Session 3: Workshop 3.4.1 Innovation and implementation: Assessing entrepreneurship through two I’s
Professor Andrew Penaluna, Research Director, Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship Swansea Metropolitan TSD

Session 3: Workshop 3.1.2 Integrating technology for flexible learning
Suzanne O’Brien Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Session 3: Workshop 3.2.2 The impact of innovative assessment practices on student attainment and experience.
Sheena Bevitt, Lecturer in HRM, University of Derby

Session 3: Workshop 3.6.2 Great expectations - Do we live up to them?
Jackie Lane, Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield

Session 4: Workshop 4.1.1 Building faculty competencies to respond to student needs in the online world
Mike Phillips, Regional Manager - OUBS Undergraduate Programme, The Open University;
Lin Smith, Regional Manager and Senior Lecturer, Open University Business School.

Session 4: Workshop 4.2.1 Multifaceted approaches to feedback within an undergraduate business suite
Lorraine Quinn, Undergraduate Programme Lead, University of the West of Scotland

Session 4: Workshop 4.3.1 Business school graduate insights
Georgina Andrews, Associate Professor, Director of Southampton Solent Business School, Solent University;
Co author: Caroline Carpenter, Head of RIU, Solent University

Session 4: Workshop 4.6.1 Enhancement from the NSS through evidence-based pedagogy
Richard Atfield, Discipline Lead – Business and Management, The Higher Education Academy;
Lyn Bibbings, Discipline Lead – Business and Management, The Higher Education Academy;
Lynn Vos, Discipline Lead – Business and Management, The Higher Education Academy

Session 4: Workshop 4.2.2 Engaging creativity – Bringing business ethics to life
Dr Suzy Jagger , Principal Lecturer, University of Roehampton

Session 4: Workshop 4.3.2 What employers want: designing a curriculum with employability in mind, based on the learner’s perspective
Dr Chistina Evans, Principal Lecturer, University of Roehampton London;
Co author: Dr Miral Metawie

Session 4: Workshop 4.1.3 Co-creating value in distance education: A Malaysian case-study
Dr Nick K T Yip, Lecturer, University of East Anglia

Session 4: Workshop 4.4.3 Constructing Magic: an interpretivist study of MBA Directors
Adrian Castell, Principal Lecturer, Nottingham Business School

End of broadcast

Day 2 - 24 Apr 2013

Session 5: Workshop 5.1.1 The impact of Aston Replay on Student Performance
Dr Chris Jones, Lecturer, Aston University

Session 5: Workshop 5.2.1 Sounding out staff and students: perceptions of audio feedback – a more effective mechanism?
Dr Claire Curruthers, Lecturer, University of Ulster;
Co author: Brenda McCarron

Session 5: Workshop 5.5.1 Dealing with the hard and soft issues of teaching at International branch campuses
Dr UmmeSalma Mujtaba, Program Director part time undergraduate degree, School of Management and Language, Heriot Watt University Edinburgh and Dubai International Academic City

Session 5: Workshop 5.6.1 ‘Can we do it like this?’: Students as partners in the assessment process
Nicky Metcalfe Meer, Lecturer, University of Cumbria;
Dr Amanda Chapman, Lecturer, University of Cumbria

Session 5: Workshop 5.1.2 Critical management in practice: In situ placement blogging enabling critique, reflection and enhanced student experience
Dr William Green, Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Management, University of Leicester

Session 5: Workshop 5.2.2 The student perspective on assessment: eliciting preferences using a discrete choice experiment
John Considine, Lecturer, Department of Economics, University College Cork

Session 5: Workshop 5.3.2 Mitigating risk for graduates and potential employers: Achieving sustainable outcomes in HE Performance measurement (Introducing the Graduate Employer Risk Mitigation Scale)
Emma Rose, Business and Management Associate Lecturer, The University of Northampton;
Co author: Dr Mils Hills

Session 5: Workshop 5.5.2 Responsible Internationalisation of management education: Exploring learning and teaching needs of the international students of the Winchester University Business School
Dr Tatiana Gladkikh, Senior Lecturer in Business Management, University of Winchester

Session 5: Workshop 5.1.3 Can we make MBA learning portable? Delivering an internet-based on-line Corporate Finance module: a case study
Dr Jane Hughes, Lecturer in Accounting, Open University

Session 5: Workshop 5.5.3 Does e-mentoring enhance the employability attributes of mentees?
Dr Chandana Sanyal, Lecturer, Middlesex University;
Dr Chris Rigby, Academic, Middlesex University

Session 5: Workshop 5.6.3 Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme (WRAP): Engaging undergraduate students in academic research
Sabine Bohnacker-Bruce, Learning and Teaching Fellow, University of Winchester

Professor Rebecca Taylor, Dean, Business School, The Open University
Keynote 2:

Panel discussion:
Panel participants to be announced

Session 7: Workshop 7.1.1 Teaching large numbers
Brenda Eade, Associate, Higher Education Academy

Session 7: Workshop 7.4.1 Coffee’s here: Exploiting the commercial potential of ideas: Awareness raising of intellectual property in university education
Professor.Andrew Penaluna, Research Director, Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship;
Kathryn Penaluna, Enterprise Manager, Swansea Metropolitan TSD

Session 7: Workshop 7.6.2 Flexible learning resources – created by students for students
Lyn Greaves, Senior Lecturer, The University of West London;
Co authors: Jo Driscoll, Emer Sheperd

Outcomes, lessons, next steps, challenges for year ahead
Dr Jane Harrington, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England

End of broadcast