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Debate: Future models of learning
04 Jun 2013

Will the teaching profession as we have known it become obselete?

Speakers for the motion

Dale Stephens, Founder of the Uncollege movement that provides resources for students that wish to define their own educational paths, whether in or outside of traditional higher education models

Professor Sugata Mitra, Educational researcher, Newcastle professor and TED talk winner most famous for his 'Hole in the Wall' and 'Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE)' experiments

Daniel Stevens, NUS International Students Officer

Speakers against the motion

Professor Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor, Salford University

Pamela Wright OBE, Executive Headteacher, Wade Deacon High School (2012 TES Outstanding Secondary School of the Year)

Bilal Shakir, WISE Learners’ Voice

Future models of learning debate
Welcome speech by BC and WISE CEOs;
Introduction to the Debate by the Chair;
Motions for and against: Contributions from 8 speakers;
Panel discussion led by the chair with Q&A from the audience.

Summary Film