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Business Schools of the 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities
27 Nov 2013

Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th November 2013

Two day live broadcast from Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham

This conference will demonstrate the expertise of senior managers from all UK Business Schools, pool business intelligence, set agendas for the year ahead and hear from leading experts and management leaders.

Business school students are some of the highest paying and business critical to the wider university. Senior managers in business schools now deal with the most diverse and complex mix of students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level, combining full-time, part-time and online students from all over the world with new types of curriculum and diverse sponsors.

The administration of business schools will be at the forefront of the changes coming in higher and further education pedagogy and delivery.

Like all large organisations, business school management and administration has to cope with changes in legislation, new ways of working, new staff and student entitlements. This conference will look at the key challenges for business school managers and administrators in providing stability and continuity for staff and students, while implementing significant changes.

What advantage can senior managers and administrators provide in supporting staff and students to give their business school a high reputation in all areas of management education


Day 1 - 27 Nov 2013

Workshop 1: Preparing for accreditation
Rachael Weiss, Head of Student Experience and Accreditation, Sheffield University Management School, University of Sheffield

Business schools and internationalisation
David Caine, Director of UWE Global, University of the West of England;

Panel and audience discussion
Wendy Yip, Director, International Development, Aston University;
Dr Matthew Hall, Senior Lecturer - Operations & Information Management Group, Director of International Relations. Course Director BSc in International Business and Management, Aston Business School;
David Caine, Director of UWE Global, University of the West of England;

Patrick Keen, Teaching Fellow in Service Operations Management, Aston Business School
Close of day one

Day 2 - 28 Nov 2013

Professor Helen Higson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Aston University
The role of professional staff in running UK HEIs

Questions to Professor Helen Higson
Professor George Feiger, Executive Dean, Aston Business School
My impressions of UK business schools – 6 months in ….

The contribution of business schools to the community and society
Jerry Forrester, Dean, University of Hertfordshire Business School;
Open discussion;

Summation and close of plenary conference
End of broadcast