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The Times Higher Education Young Universities Summit: embracing the unique challenges and opportunities facing the world’s dynamic young institutions
28 Apr 2014

The THE Young Universities Summit, which took place in Miami in April 2014 in partnership with the UK’s Plymouth University, was the first global gathering created for the leaders of the world’s young institutions (defined as those around 50 years old or younger). It attracted more than 130 senior delegates from more than 30 countries, creating a new space – and a new diary date in the global academic calendar – for a diverse group of university leaders to come together and share experience and expertise on the challenges and opportunities facing younger institutions.

Keynote speakers presented on issues including the development of institutional research strategy, leadership, funding and autonomy, branding and communications. The event also hosted a panel debate on the development of new metrics to capture a university’s social and economic impact to be used in global university rankings.


Videos of the entire event can be viewed for free on these pages.

Professor Wendy Purcell, Vice-chancellor and President, Plymouth University, UK
Welcome and introductions

Phil Baty, Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 2014
THE exclusive preview: ‘Developing world-class universities in years, not centuries’ with trend analysis and case studies.

Vicki Thomson, executive director, Australian Technology Network
Dr Jamil Salmi, global tertiary education expert and former World Bank tertiary education coordinator
Keynote speech: ‘Can young universities compete on the global higher education scene? The challenge of leapfrogging’;

Phil Baty and Dr Jamil Salmi Questions and discussion
Professor Sung-Mo “Steve” Kang, president, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Keynote speech: ‘How can younger universities compete on the world stage with those that have had a head start of many centuries?’

Audience reaction
Professor Koen Lamberts, vice-chancellor, University of York, UK
Keynote speech: ‘Developing your research strategy’

Professor Umran S. İnan, president, Koç University, Turkey
Keynote speech:‘Funding, freedom and the pursuit of excellence’

Open consultative panel debate on proposed metrics from Thomson Reuters for THE’s World University Rankings Capturing research impact, innovation and knowledge transfer for world university rankings and beyond
Chaired by: Mr Phil Baty, editor at large and rankings editor, THE;
Introduced by: Dr Joshua Schnell, director of analytics, Thomson Reuters;
Confirmed panellists:
Professor IR Dr Sahol Hamid Bin Abu Bakar, vice-chancellor, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia;
Professor Janet Beer, vice-chancellor, Oxford Brookes University, UK;
Professor Alvaro Crósta, vice-rector, University of Campinas, Brazil;
Mr Gerard de Graaf, director, European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium;
Professor Arun Sharma, DVC (research and commercialisation), Queensland University of Technology, Australia;
Professor Euiho Suh, chair, University Evaluation and Management Committee, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea.

Dr David E. Daniel, president, University of Texas at Dallas, US
Keynote speech: ‘Leadership challenges for young universities: creating the vision, rallying staff, making choices’ Introduced by: Ms Libby Hackett, chief executive, University Alliance, UK.

Keynote speech: Developing a niche, building a vision and establishing a brand’ and Closing Remarks
Professor Wendy Purcell, vice-chancellor and President, Plymouth University, UK;
Mr Phil Baty, editor at large and rankings editor, THE;