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Management and Working Practices

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Chaired by:
Pat Gould, Team Manager for London, The Royal College of Midwives

Payment by Results (HRG4 tariff): are we are coming up to the mark?
Dr Suzanne Tyler, Independent Healthcare Consultant and
Lucy Hubber, Head of Children’s Strategic Planning, NHS Milton Keynes

Examining the feasibility of Digipen use by supervisors of midwives in the Yorkshire and the Humber LSA
Carol Paeglis LSA Midwife, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber and
Julie Green, LSA Midwife, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

Maternity Matters: identifying the needs of women in Camden to meet national policies
Andrea Nove Research Associate, Options UK

87 percent svd rate, 94 percent vaginal delivery rate and 65 percent breastfeeding rate!
Bryony Read and Claire Adams, Young Parent Midwives,
South London Healthcare NHS Trust

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