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Normal Birth

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Chaired by:
Kim Russell, Member of The Royal College of Midwives Council

Achieving normal birth: How we increased the home birth rate in Torbay
Heather Parker, Head of Midwifery, South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Tweak to transform: simple solutions to normalising birth
Caroline Broome, Midwife, East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust

Re-Audit of evidence based guidelines for midwifery led care in labour (RCM 2005) and an audit of NICE CG 55 Intrapartum Care (2007) regarding Women’s Choice and Control during Childbirth
Eleanor Clewes, Audit Midwife,
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Community Skills Day: enhancing confidence, collaboration and communication
Alison Brown, Consultant Midwife,
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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