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Flagship events

Conferences, summits and broadcasts offer an unrivalled opportunity for an organisation to connect directly with thier members, stakeholders, customer, users, clients and wider audience.   
Filming and broadcasting (whether live or on demand) has been used to great tactical advantage by some of the UK's most influential organisations. 

Local Government Group's Annual Conference

The annual a gathering of members with key prestations for the countries most ssenior policticans nd policy makers watched by a live audience of almost 1000 delegates.
  • Attracted over 2,500 unique views to the live real time braodcast 
  • Conference materials including documents podcasts and videos have been accessed over 10,000 times since the event 
  • Average time on conference pages is >3.5 minutes

RCN Congress

Held in 2009 this was the first congress broadcast live. It enabled to organisation to dramatically improve consultation with their membership.

  • Videos accessed over 34,000 since the broadcast
  • International audience including UK, France, and UAE

Smartest Energy

Source to Supply, Coming Together in a Renewable Future

  • Over 250 unique views for the live broadcast


Shaping the Future of Public Financial Management

  • Over 2,500 unique page views in the first six months after the broadcast
  • Watched in more than 10 countries including Turkey, South Africa, Australia,Portugal, South Korea and United Arab Emirates