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Eco Innovation Forum
25 Nov 2010
Towards Green Investment and a Sustainable Future. Free to attend Forum and Exhibition to be held at Central Hall Westminster
This event will set out how UK business and public organisations are making the practical transition to a low-carbon and resource, energy and environmentally efficient economy. Want to attend in person? Book here (external link)
Jon Williams, Lead Partner Financial Services Advisory, Sustainability & Climate Change, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Chair’s opening remarks

What's on now:
Investing in green finance – risks and opportunities
James Cameron, Vice Chairman, Climate Change Capital and Green Investment Bank Commission

Investing in green finance – risks and opportunities
David Rintoul, Deputy Chairman, Forbury Investment Network Dennis Moss, Chief Executive, Dennis Moss Partnership

Questions and discussion
Stream A1 | Resource efficiency Chaired by: Peter Young, Chairman Aldersgate Group
Beyond Carbon - The Aldersgate Report: a review on recent developments Peter Young, Strategy Director, SKMEEnviros and Chairman, Aldersgate Group Development of consortia contracts for the sale of recyclables Duncan Jones, Partnership Development Manager, Hertfordshire Waste Partnership

Stream B1 | Energy efficiency Chaired by: David Rintoul, Forbury Investment Network
Homes and communities: new frontiers in zero energy design Bill Dunster OBE, CEO, ZEDFactory Ltd

Stream C1 | Environmental efficiency Chaired by: Dr Stephanie Wray, Sustainability Consortium
The economic importance of biodiversity: addressing the key aspects of the TEEB report William Evison, Environmental Economist, Sustainability and Climate Change, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Stream D1 | Finance, technology and innovation Chaired by: Trevor Gibson, Environmental Advantage
Environmental Efficiency Technology: how innovative methods and local engagement can make a difference for UK plc in today’s economic climate Britt Warg, UK Manager, Geodesign Barriers

Stream E1 | Sustainability in practice Chaired by: Dr David Brown, BPP - TECH
Case study: sustainability finance in practice - Boschendal Sustainable Development Initiative Dennis Moss, Chief Executive, Dennis Moss Partnership

Refreshments and exhibition viewing
Stream A2 | Resource efficiency
The Water Innovation Network Steve Kaye, Innovation Manager, Anglian Water The contribution of waste management to resource efficiency Nina Sweet, Organics Sector Specialist, WRAP

Stream B2 | Energy efficiency
Least-cost sustainable recycling of food to produce energy Bill Butterworth, Director, Recycle-To-Land Research Ltd The application of anaerobic digestion in agriculture Greg Hilton, Partner, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Bidwells Agribusiness

Stream C2 | Environmental efficiency
The energy company renewables obligations and energy efficiency schemes Charles Hargreaves, Head of Environmental Programmes, Ofgem Environmental efficiency of the food and drink industry: the five fold environmental ambition Andrew Kuyk, Director, Sustainability and Competitiveness, Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

Stream D2 | Finance, technology and innovation
Farming: food and energy resilience Paul Sousek, Carbon Neutral Farmer, Organic Farmers and Growers Mini-Grids: a source of energy for the future Professor Tom Markvart, Professor of Energy Conversion, University of Southampton

Stream E2 | Sustainability in practice
Sustainable bio-fuels from algae – the Sea Green Project Professor Minoo Patel, Development Director, School for Engineering, Cranfield University Large scale off-shore windpower generation Professor Feargal Brennan, Off-shore Engineering, Cranfield University

Stream A3 | Resource efficiency
Innovative supply chain management to deliver sustainability Dr Paul Maryan, Director of Sustainability, Peter Brett Associates Exploring the waste hierarchy Roy Hathaway, Head of Waste Regulation and Business Waste, DEFRA

Stream B3 | Energy efficiency
Space and energy: serving the EU policy and the citizens Isabelle Duvaux-Bêchon, Head of Future and Strategic Studies Office, European Space Agency

Stream C3 | Environmental efficiency
Transport fuelling options - an artist’s palette Graham Hilton, Director, The Energy Crops Company Vehicle technology investment in a global marketplace Colin Matthews, Managing Director, Joulevert Ltd

Stream D3 | Finance, technology and innovation
Case study: efficiency finance focusing on waste infra-structure PFI schemes to drive environmental measures Melville Haggard, and Paul Croston, WIPD Programme, DEFRA Case study in innovation - energy efficency Nigel Tyrell, Head of Environment Services, London Borough of Lewisham

Stream E3 | Sustainability in practice
Professional services for a sustainable future Guy Battle, Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability, Deloitte

Refreshments and exhibition viewing
Stream A4 | Resource efficiency
Doing more with less – how can the public sector meet the challenges of CSR11 David Greenfield, Assistant Director for Waste and Resources, Improvement Efficiency South East Case study: construction waste efficiency Catriona Lingwood, Chief Executive, Construction Excellence in the North East

Stream B4 | Energy efficiency
Operational efficiency through IT Bob Crooks, Leader of Green and Sustainable ICT, DEFRA Encouraging energy efficient behavioural change in schools Sandy Carter, Projects Coordinator, CREATE

Stream C4 | Environmental efficiency
Sustainability health check: applying the triple bottom line to mainstream medicine Dr Delny Britton, Sustainability Consortium

Stream D4 | Finance, techonology and innovation
Considerations for investing sustainably Henry Boucher, Deputy Chief, Investments, Sarasin & Partners

Stream E4 | Sustainability in practice
Panel - Transport sustainability: the Inter-Eco-City Concept Study Neil Darwin, Director of Economic Development, Opportunity Peterborough Storm le Roux, Managing Partner, ISDC Niall Aitken, Director, Davis Langdon/Aecom Simon Munns, CEO, SPM Equity Dennis Moss, CEO, DMP

Conference Close Summary of all the streams chaired by Storm Le Roux
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