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Speaker Biography

Letitia Funnell

Letitia Funnell, The Royal College of Midwives’ Student Midwives’ Working Group member (SMWG)

Letitia is currently in her third year reading a BA in Midwifery at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. She has had many jobs in many different guises. Apart from midwifery, which is her passion, the vocation she considers to be the most important is being a mother to her three wonderful children. Like all parents there are days when Letitia despairs, fortunately these are few, and days when she delights in giving her care, attention and love to her family. Letitia believes this also represents her midwifery training – there were days when she wanted to cry, but they were outweighed by the days of sheer delight in learning her craft. Letitia is rapidly realising graduation is just around the corner and her student midwifery days are numbered but her learning journey is just beginning. She is thrilled to join you at this year’s conference and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well in your learning journey.


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